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"A woman's journey into her past.
Kathryn Church is an academic,
a feminist, without children. Every choice she has
made took her further from the life her mother led."

[ CBC Radio - This Morning ]

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Responses to Fabrications

"Like a Hemingway novel or a Cezanne painting, the public will be attracted to what's not there."

"I just wanted to thank you for your amazing documentary...It really moved me."

"Fabulous! It is so amazing to read of the women's experiences and the unifying ground of your mother's life, and now yours with all of theirs."

"It's an exhibit that could appeal to a wide variety of academic audiences: anthropology and sociology, oral history, gender studies/women's studies."

"A non-sentimental love story that bridges generations of women."

" exceptionally interesting article." Judy Gordon, M.L.A., Lacombe-Stettler Constituency in response to article in Lacombe Globe.

"What a terrific, imaginative project!" Judy Michaud, Womenspace Association.

"Wow. I love your new project. Has lots of potential for healing and informing." Carolyn Ellis, Professor of Sociology, University of South Florida

"What a wonderful project! It's just such a rich and marvelous statement about an important rite of passage and women as entrepreneurs." Lisa Falk, Museum Consultant, Albuquerque, NM.

" are obviously on the right track...It's apparent you have a clear understanding of the meaning and significance of the project even though it is intensely personal." Hank Burchard, art critic and museum reviewer, Washington Post.

"I just loved the piece! It was funny, interesting and moving all at the same time!...More!! I want more!!"

The Canadian prairies, where culture and creativity bloom, like the prairie rose, Alberta's provincial flower.

Louise McLeod