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"A woman's journey into her past.
Kathryn Church is an academic,
a feminist, without children. Every choice she has
made took her further from the life her mother led."

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National Tour
for Red Deer and District Museum Exhibit

Fabrications: Stitching Ourselves Together, the "little exhibit that could" from the Red Deer and District Museum, continues to stir the interest of museums across Canada. Dates have recently been confirmed that extend the exhibit's national tour to the late fall of 2001.

packing dresses
Dresses being packed for moving

The tour now runs as follows:

Canadian Museum of Civilization, Hull, Québec
March 7, 1999 - January 2, 2000

Glenbow Museum, Calgary
February 6, 2000 - August 29, 2000

Museum of Industry, Stellarton, Nova Scotia
September 23 - December 22, 2000

Museum for Textiles, Toronto
January 20 - April 16, 2001

St. Catharines Museum, St. Catharines, Ontario
May 5 - August 6, 2001

Thunder Bay Art Gallery, Thunder Bay, Ontario
September 1 B November 1, 2001

Fabrications premiered at the Red Deer and District Museum in the summer of 1998. Researched and curated by sociologist Kathryn Church, the exhibit centres around a collection of 23 wedding dresses sewn by the curator's mother, Mrs. Lorraine Church of Lacombe, between 1950 and 1995. It is an exploration of the complex relationships between mother and daughter, dressmaker and wearer, women and community. Many visitors to the exhibit have been moved to write deeply personal comments about their own wedding dresses, their struggles to gain recognition and value for "women's work", or their relationships, in notebooks provided for this purpose. Museum staff and guest curator Kathryn Church have been elated by how Fabrications has caught the imagination of the public and museums across the country.

The Canadian prairies, where culture and creativity bloom, like the prairie rose, Alberta's provincial flower.

Louise McLeod